Books About Forensic Psychology

By Grishma Ghelani Forensic psychology applies the science of psychology in the legal field. Forensic psychologists play an essential role in the outcome of a legal case. Whether you are a student aspiring to become a forensic psychologist, a forensic psychologist yourself or in general intrigued by this field, there are many helpful books and scholarly material you could use to educate yourself. Books about forensic psychology provide a coherent overview of topics ranging from court proceedings to psychological assessments, criminal profiling, investigative procedures, interviewing children in foster care, examining thought processes… Read More

Forensic Psychology Books

Psychological Books

Forensic psychology is a rather young specialization within the area of professional psychology. Most of the prolific authors in this area of psychology are still living and still publishing. If you are looking for some book recommendations as an undergraduate student aspiring to become a forensic psychologist one day, then we would like to direct your attention to the best practices series produced by Oxford University Press in the area of forensic mental health assessment. These books are concise, typically short and have various charts and bullet points of information that help… Read More