Highest Paid Psychologists

highest paid forensic psychologists

Highest paid psychologists and famous forensic psychologists aren’t one in the same. Fame in forensic psychology comes by way of research, presentations and teaching as well as the occasional high-profile case. However, to be the highest paid psychologist, your days won’t be spent doing research or testifying, which zaps away a day of revenue-generating interviewing. Instead, to be the highest paid forensic psychologist, your days will be spent evaluating a ton of people and writing so many reports that your head will spin.

How Much do Criminal Psychologists Make?

Clinical forensic psychology

How much do criminal psychologists make is a simple questions with a simple answer: Not Enough. These psychologists are also known as correctional psychologists. They work in prisons and other locked down settings. Therefore, in a sense, they’re doing time just like inmates. Criminal psychologists make around $70,000 to $85,000 per year to start. They’re capping out at just over $100,000.

Forensic Psychologists Salary

Okay, let us get down to the nitty-gritty. How much can I make as a forensic psychologist? What’s the 2016 Forensic Psychology Salary? Well, like most professions, the more specialized you become, the more competition you eliminate in pursuit of a customer. Forensic psychologists and neuropsychologists are specializations that are only earned after having already completed a doctoral program in psychology. Many are worn-out after completing a master’s degree, let alone a doctoral degree. Few are prepared to jump through even more hoops of board certification and other qualifications to become a… Read More