Undergraduate Student Mentee Interview with Forensic Psychologist Mentor

Student Mentee: I saw that your had your own firm, and I was just wondering what your day-to-day responsibilities were and what it is like to be a forensic psychologist. Forensic Psychologist Mentor: So, a forensic psychologist is essentially a psychologist that has gone on to develop an understanding an expertise in the legal process as it overlaps with psychological practice. We use psychological methods, like interviewing people and psychological testing, in order to assist the judicial system with making legal determinations concerning a variety of different issues (potentially a law suit… Read More

What is it like in graduate school for forensic psychology?

After undergrad, you’ll need at least 5 more years of school to become a forensic psychologist. You probably knew that, but let me tell you what is it like in graduate school for forensic psychology. Your experiences in school as a teenager or young adult do not capture what it is like in graduate school for forensic psychology. For one, during graduate school for forensic psychology (or any other subspecialty), you will only be taking about four classes per semester. It is expected that you’ll earn B’s and above in those classes…. Read More

Criminal Psychology Degree

criminal psychology degree

Criminal psychology degree seekers are a unique bunch (lol). These students want to spend their careers behind bars working with inmates. A master’s level counseling degree (e.g., LCSW, MSW, LPC, etc.) or a doctorate in psychology or psychiatry is what you’ll need. Consider volunteering at your local prison to make sure this is the job for you.  

Forensic Psychology Internships

Forensic Psychology Internships

Forensic psychology internships are competitive. We have brought together some information about this for our visitors. Forensic psychology internships aren’t plentiful by any means, but the good news is that we’re looking for interns here at the coalition.    

Various Forensic Psychology Programs

degree in psychology

Forensic psychology programs are growing. We’re talking about forensic psychology graduate programs; forensic psychology Ph.D.programs; and Ph.D. in forensic psychology training institutes. Forensic psychology schools is of interest to most of our visitors; so we created a page focused on this topic.    

What Forensic Psychology Degree to choose


Forensic psychology degree programs for grads and undergrads are limited in number. They are competitive. Keep in mind, forensic psychology is a sub-specialty of a sub-specialty. Therefore, despite its popularity, it’s pretty niche. However, these forensic psychology degree programs for aspiring forensic psychology majors like you might be of interest.